Fighting to Live in the Land of Promise

Yuriy, Ksenia, and their daughter, Eva, came to Israel from Ukraine in 2015. Eva had an acute form of leukemia. When they arrived at the airport in Tel Aviv, she was taken directly from the airplane to the hospital. For two and a half years, doctors and her parents fought for her life. Today,

Families express their thankfulness

Everyday across Israel, Jewish families are being assisted by our teams. The needs are as varied as the people and the situations equally as unique.

Sofia’s New Chair

Olga was only 26 weeks pregnant when complications sent her into premature labor. Unable to stop the process, a very tiny girl was born. The doctors gave Maxim and Olga the news that their newborn had hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. The diagnosis was accompanied by a prognosis that said there was no hope of her

Bakonin Family

We are very happy that our family can finally buy food and necessary things for our monthly life. We thank our sponsor and JSC for the opportunity to buy all this...