“’Comfort, yes, comfort my people!’ Says your God…” Isaiah 40:1

Assistance Tours

Practical Assistance Tours (P.A.T.) are for Christians who want to do a little more than just see the biblical sites of the Holy Land. A P.A.T. combines short term work projects with a few days of touring.

Usually (but not always), a P.A.T. is the choice of those who have come to Israel on a “normal” tour previously. PATs are wonderful opportunities for congregations to participate in blessing the nation of Israel in a hands on way. Ministry to Israel hosts PATs twice yearly, usually in March and November. Christians from across the USA, participate as volunteers for approximately eight days. At least four days are set aside to work with the other days utilized for touring around the Galilee or in the City of Jerusalem.

Past projects have included working to pain, repair and restore bomb-shelters, holocaust survivor homes, hospitals, immigrant absorption centers and a synagogue library.

If you are interested in a Practical Assistance Tour write to info@ministrytoisrael.com

Latest P.A.T Projects