Jews to Return to Israel in the Last Days

The greatest prophetic sign of the last days is, without question, the return on the Jews to the land of Israel!

No single time period since the days of Jesus, has seen more biblical prophecies come to pass as the one you and I are living in right now. For instance in 1948, according to God’s promises, Israel became a nation again. Then in 1967 Jerusalem was restored to the Jews,  a powerful  indication that, indeed, these are the days of favor and restoration for the Jewish people, spoken of by the prophets.

The restoration of the land and the return of the Jews to their land, however, have not been without conflict, hardship and war. Anti-Semitism, persecution and centuries-old hatred for the Chosen People, helped fuel the fire within their hearts to one day come home to their land and their beloved City. In the late 1800s the “Homing Pigeon” spirit was awakened in hearts of Jews worldwide. God began whistling for His children to return, and they have been coming ever since.

God Calls Christians to Help Jews Home

Another prophetic phenomenon hidden in scripture is that, according to the prophets, God would one day call to the Gentile believers in the God of Israel to carry the descendants of Abraham back to their promised homeland!

Since 1991, when the Iron Curtain came down, Ministry to Israel (MTI) has assisted in the gathering and transporting tens of thousands of Jewish immigrants to Israel. Working with the Jewish Agency and through partnerships with Christian organizations and especially with Ezra International, MTI is playing a significant role in this prophetic fulfillment.

From offices in Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Georgia and other Former Soviet Union countries, ourFishermen (Named in Jeremiah 16:14-16) assist Jewish people through the complicated and costly immigration process. The Fishermen help these Jewish immigrants obtain their paperwork and visas, and also assists in transporting them to and from the Israeli Consulate offices, often many miles away. Once the necessary documents are all prepared and final travel arrangements are made, immigrants are transported to airports where they are then flown home to Israel by the Jewish Agency.

“Thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I will lift My hand in an oath to the nations, (GENTILES) and set up My standard for the peoples; They shall bring your sons in their arms and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders(Isaiah 49:22)

Practical Questions about Aliyah

$360 – To assist Jewish people from the former Soviet Union west of the Ural Mountains as well as those living in Siberia and the Far East Cities. These people are transported through St. Petersburg, Russia, Helsinki, Finland and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
In 1999, the Lord compelled us to go to Siberia to help Jewish people immigrate to Israel. Since the 1930s when Stalin drove the Jews from the West to the frigid regions of Siberia, Jews have longed for freedom, especially after the establishment of the State of Israel and then the fall of the Iron Curtain. Presently, there are scores of Christians working throughout Siberia assisting these precious Jewish families through the arduous task of immigration. Many, however, who want to leave, are locked behind another major obstacle:  the iron curtain we call “the wall of poverty.” With the financial assistance of Christians, our “Fishermen” have been able to assist thousands of Jewish people making their way to the State of Israel, their promised homeland.
According to statistics from the Jewish Agency, there are approximately 500,000 Jewish people in the 13 regions of the Former Soviet Union.  However, that figure is inaccurate as many Jews changed their last names in former times to escape persecution. Today they are coming forward asking for help to prove their Jewishness through documents—including birth certificates, marriage records, and synagogue archives.  Often, locating these documents is a mammoth task. Our teams of “Fishermen” have developed a system to find documents throughout the countries of the FSU and are assisting Jewish families through this tedious process.
The “Fishermen” assist in the first steps of the complicated and costly emigration process by helping find and certify the paperwork necessary to prove their Jewish ancestry. We pay for passports for each person in a family desiring to make Aliyah.   In some instances our “Fishermen” provide food and clothing for needy Jewish families waiting for final clearance to leave for Israel.  On the day of departure for Israel, our teams often transport Jewish families to departure points coordinated by the Jewish Agency.
As with any project, the answer is yes. The other costs include shared office space in several key cities, salaries and basic expenses for our workers—all minimal compared to the cost of operating in the USA. In some Jewish communities, we come upon families in desperate situations; in those cases we assist by distributing food and other humanitarian aid.
God promised thousands of years ago that one day He would restore the land of Israel and gather His people from the nations back home to the Promised Land (Jer. 31:8, Isa. 43:5-7).  In our generation, these promises are being fulfilled with great intensity. A key part of their return to Israel is that the Lord said He would call upon the Gentiles to bring the Jewish people home (Isa. 49:22). Many are feeling the call to give time, talents, money, giftings and their lives for this work in response.
Yes, Argentina’s Jewish community is around 200,000 people, according to the Jewish Agency. We now have people assisting them in the same manner we help Jewish people in the FSU. We have also provided assistance to Jews emigrating from Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil.  We are exploring ways to help more Jewish families in Brazil, Chile and other nations in South America.

How You Can Help

Prayer. The challenges of the Final Exodus of God’s Chosen People to Israel are sometimes overwhelming. Anti-Semitism, fear, and poverty are daily struggles in the Russian Jewish communities. Our teams face many obstacles as well and depend on the prayer covering of those who intercede for them. God hears and answers the prayers of His people. As you pray, we know He will reveal concerns for you to lift to him.

Finances. The financial responsibilities of this ministry are great but as the often-used cliché reminds us, “Where God guides, He provides.” God’s provision has come to us through churches and individuals to whom He has spoken.

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