“’Comfort, yes, comfort my people!’ Says your God…” Isaiah 40:1

Ministry to Israel’s Immigrant Sponsorship Program

Ministry to Israel’s Support Centers is providing a way for Christians to show comfort to Jewish immigrants through a sponsorship program called EMBRACE.

Through this program churches or individuals can sponsor an immigrant family for a six month or one year commitment of $100 per month

Additionally, one time donations can be used to help MTI provide necessities such as appliances, kitchen supplies, beds, blankets, etc.

To enroll in the EMBRACE program sponsors may send their first month or one-time donation to Ministry to Israel. Israel Support Centers will then select the family to be sponsored and provide the donor with a picture, a brief description of the family, and how the sponsors’ finances were used. The Israel Support Centers staff will determine the disbursement of finances relating to the needs of the family and will notify the sponsors of any change in their situation.

Regardless of distance, this immigrant sponsorship program provides Christians with an opportunity to EMBRACE Jewish brothers and sisters with the love of God.

Testimonials of Supported Immigrants

Evgenia Gedzinskaya’s Story

Evgenia Gedzinskaya, a former ghetto prisoner from Bershad, Ukraine, shared her story of surviving the Holocaust with our volunteers that visited her.

Families express their thankfulness

Everyday across Israel, Jewish families are being assisted by our teams. The needs are as varied as the people and the situations equally as unique.

Sofia’s New Chair

Olga was only 26 weeks pregnant when complications sent her into premature labor. Unable to