Many Christians have a love for the nation of Israel but find it difficult to express that love in a practical way. Ministry to Israel was created for the purpose of being a channel of blessing through which Christians can bless and assist Jewish people immigrating to Israel and also help those who have recently come to the land who need a little help as they get started.


One of the most important contributions any believer can make towards Israel is to intercede on behalf of those Jewish immigrants making a brand new start in the Promised Land. Imagine moving your family from the place you’ve called home for years, to take up residence in a foreign land with a totally different culture and different language. You have little in the way of finances, you need to find a job, but you don’t have good language skills as yet.

Unfortunately, this is the story of many who daily come through our doors at the Jerusalem and Haifa Support Centers. They need prayer. They need prayer for adequate housing, food for their families, jobs for fathers and mothers, school books and clothing for the children, and it goes on. Some have no furniture or cookware, others need washing machines, refrigerators and bedding. Our staff has known, through the years, it is prayer that has touched the Father’s heart on behalf of His chosen people and as far back as we can remember, we’ve never turned anyone away with a genuine need. The Lord has always supplied just enough to meet the needs.

Praying for the “peace of Jerusalem,” means praying for its inhabitants to have peace, even in the midst of the raging storm against them. Jerusalem is the heart of Israel, when there is peace in Jerusalem, though we are surrounded by war, the whole land will be at peace. Please join us in prayer for Israel to know the peace that only God can give!


We understand that not everyone can come on tour to Israel, but there are many ways you can touch the lives of those immigrating to Israel and those already here who are in need. The most helpful gift is one designated for “The Greatest Need,” however, there are those with a specific project in mind, in this case, we place the donation in that fund and use it specifically for that purpose. For these options please go to the donations page.


For many years we have asked Christians coming to Israel on tour to bring an extra bag full of new supplies for babies and Lone Soldiers. Here is a list of items you can bring the next time you come. However, before your group comes please contact our office in the US at 423-478-7087 and let them know the date and time of your arrival. We will then have one of our Israeli staff members meet your group to retrieve the supplies. If there is a cost involved for the extra bag, Ministry to Israel will reimburse those that request it.