“’Comfort, yes, comfort my people!’ Says your God…” Isaiah 40:1

Lone Soldiers

The Albert Owensby Lone Soldier Program

Ministry to Israel is providing a way for Christians to bless and encourage Israeli soldiers through the Albert Owensby Lone Soldier Program. In partnership with the Jewish Agency, the Jerusalem Support Center (JSC) is providing assistance for Israeli soldiers who have no family living with them in Israel. Although they live on a base or in barracks while on active duty, they do not have family with whom they can stay when they go off duty. Many are forced to rent an apartment and maintain its expenses on a monthly salary of $100.

With a monthly gift of $100, the Lone Soldier Program is able to help these young men and women maintain a place to live while off duty, provide food for them, and a minimal amount of extra spending money each month. When a church, Sunday School class, or a small group sponsors a soldier they will receive a picture, and/or a story about the lone soldier, and they will be given the opportunity to correspond with them through the JSC.

Sponsors are asked to commit first to pray daily for their soldier by name, and then to faithfully send a monthly gift $100 for the soldier they have sponsored.  Through the Lone Soldier Program, Christians can now have the opportunity to encourage young Israeli soldiers who live alone in Israel, while they defend their country. This program provides an avenue, whereby Christians are able to tell these precious young men and women, “You are not alone!”

Testimonials of Lone Soldiers