Our Humanitarian Center in Beer Sheva organized a trip to the swimming pool for families of new immigrants and refugees to brighten up their mood. Understandably, those families went through a lot of hurdles and difficulties, which is why our volunteers decided to organize a unique event that could bring some joy to them. The atmosphere at the event was incredible: the children playfully competing with each other in the pool, the adults chatting with each other while doing a barbecue, and the newly formed friendships between the volunteers and the families were a sight to behold. By the end of the eventful trip to the pool, the spirits of the people there were at an all-time high. The families were grateful for the opportunity to make new bonds, since now they know that there’s someone who could have their back in their new home. The trip greatly helped the families integrate into society, make long-term connections, and enrich their understanding of the local culture. Our humanitarian center hopes to continue helping people, whether it be by providing them with their material needs or by helping them battle the feeling of loneliness.