One of the greatest joys that MTI’s volunteers experience thanks to their humanitarian activities is getting to hear someone’s life story and get an invitation into someone’s world. Since a lot of MTI’s activity is centred around helping Holocaust survivors, we get to hear their stories and have the honour of telling the world so that it won’t forget about them.
One of the Holocaust survivors that our volunteers had the pleasure of meeting and helping is David Nudelis. David was born in the Vinnitsa region of the current Ukraine. At the outbreak of the war, David’s father got drafted and, unfortunately, never made it back home. Shortly after, when the Nazis took over the Vinnitsa region, David and his family were sent to a camp that was called the “Death Loop”. As its name suggests, most of those who were prisoners in that camp never got out of there. Miraculously, though, David, his mother, and his older brother managed to survive until the camp was freed. From then on, David’s life was pretty ordinary; he started a family, had a job, and eventually immigrated to Israel. Now he lives together with his wife and gets assistance as well as fellowship from MTI’s volunteers.