Families of new Jewish immigrants from different Spanish-speaking countries are returning to Israel. In honor of Rosh Hashanah, MTI provided those families with coupons that would help them organize and get ready for the Rosh Hashanah feast.
One of the families we helped was the Auroa family. They arrived from Venezuela, which is currently in crisis, with very little that they could carry in their suitcases. The family also has a girl with special needs who will have to start her new school year in a new country. When they got here, the family immediately started worrying about how they would be able to afford food and housing, let alone Rosh Hashanah preparations or school supplies. That’s where MTI stepped up and gladly provided the family with the financial assistance they needed. Unfortunately, the Spanish-speaking immigrants are often overlooked and don’t get the help that they need, and this family is just one out of a whole lot that needs helping. It is vital for us to continue to support and be there for them.