Natalia immigrated to Israel a few years ago. She attended school and learned Hebrew. Her mother also wanted to make aliyah, in spite of some health issues. Natalia travelled back to Ukraine and helped move her mother to Israel. While in the airport, her mother took a bad fall and broke a bone. She went to the hospital, and when the broken bone was examined, the doctors discovered that she had terminal bone cancer. She began treatment right away, but it did not help. In the last months of her life, Natalia’s mother was bedridden. The JSC staff was able to visit her in her home. The staff gave her a TV along with a few more things to make her last days more comfortable.

JSC Administrator Ira Lukomsky visits with terminally ill patient.

Natalia was the full-time caregiver of her mother. Once her mom passed, Natalia had to make a new life for herself, once again. She had to rent another apartment. Among the many needs she had, the biggest one was a washing machine. MTI was able to help her purchase a new washer. Natalia expressed her sincere appreciation for all the help that the staff was able to give.

A bright spot in the midst of a hard year, Natalia with her new washing machine provided by the JSC.