Help to Olim from Venezuela

MTI provided financial assistance to families of Spanish-speaking Jewish immigrants returning to Israel for Rosh Hashanah. The Auroa family, a crisis-stricken Venezuelan family, needed help with food, housing, and special needs.

Feeding families in need

In order to help struggling families, MTI provided them with full groceries and some sweets to lift up their spirits.

Passover: Remember and Celebrate

Passover is a time of celebrating with family and friends, but most of these new immigrant families do not have any relatives in Israel.

Warming the hearts of new immigrants

Israeli winters can be very cold. Most homes are made of stone, mortar and steel and are difficult to heat. Apartments have little or no heat, which means it can get bitterly cold at home. A large number of Jewish immigrants coming to Israel simply cannot afford heaters or warm blankets as they begin

Alexey’s scooter

Alexey, who arrived in Israel four years ago, lives in Netanya with his mother in a rented apartment. Alexey has cerebral palsy, and although he has difficulty walking and moving his body, he has not let that stop him from living an active life. With his physical limitations, the only way Alexey can get

Families express their thankfulness

Everyday across Israel, Jewish families are being assisted by our teams. The needs are as varied as the people and the situations equally as unique.

An Answer to Prayer

I came with my son to Israel. We are alone in the country, but we received the allowance from the government. I am studying in the Hebrew classes. The Ministry of Absorption assured us that after six months they will pay us another allowance so I can finish my Hebrew studies. I am working in the

Relief in a Difficult Season

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Irina’s husband passed away after a long battle with cancer, and she now is alone in Israel without any relatives. Additionally, Irina was very afraid of the coming summer months because of the extreme heat. With her health problems, she had a difficult time, especially during the night. During the day, it wasn’t so

Desperate Situation for Jews in Ukraine

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This is the latest report from our Fishermen in Eastern Ukraine. There are cities under siege, home to many Jewish families who are very anxious and hoping to leave. The Russian backed insurgents have surrounded cities. They are setting up road blocks, stopping traffic in and out. Everyone traveling through these blockades is subject to robbery, harassment, rape and even murder. No one really knows what they will face when they leave their homes seeking safer areas.

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