Irina’s husband passed away after a long battle with cancer, and she now is alone in Israel without any relatives. Additionally, Irina was very afraid of the coming summer months because of the extreme heat. With her health problems, she had a difficult time, especially during the night. During the day, it wasn’t so bad because she was working in air conditioned places and travelled in air conditioned public transportation, but it was very hard to stay in the hot air inside her modest apartment. All of her income is barely enough for basic needs. She could not afford to purchase an air conditioner, and the house owner did not want to install one. Irina applied to MTI for help, and within a few days a new air conditioner was installed in her apartment.


She is thankful that she can go through hot Israeli months without worries. She expressed her thanks to all the donors that helped her in this difficult situation during this hard time in her life.