I came with my son to Israel. We are alone in the country, but we received the allowance from the government. I am studying in the Hebrew classes. The Ministry of Absorption assured us that after six months they will pay us another allowance so I can finish my Hebrew studies. I am working in the evenings and earn a little bit money for our food. I went to the Ministry of Absorption and they told me that the next payment will be in January, and that in December they won’t pay us any money. When I heard that, it was such a bad news for me, because we didn’t have the opportunity to save some money because of my little income. Now I didn’t have money to pay the rent for December. We are here alone and I didn’t have anyone to ask for help. I understood that in such a short period it won’t be enough time to earn the money for rent. So I went out from the office of the Ministry to Absorption and felt so bad and desperate. I said, “God, only you can help me in this situation.” Then I remembered that someone gave me the number of Oleg from MTI. I called him and after only few days they solved this issue and helped me and my son to pay the rent for this month.

MTI February 2015 Newsletter

It is such a big amount of money for us and I did not expect that someone can help with such a need. If not for this help I cannot imagine what would happen to us and how would we pay the rent. It is a great help. Thank you very much. — Yulia and Nikita