kseniaYuriy, Ksenia, and their daughter, Eva, came to Israel from Ukraine in 2015. Eva had an acute form of leukemia. When they arrived at the airport in Tel Aviv, she was taken directly from the airplane to the hospital. For two and a half years, doctors and her parents fought for her life. Today, by God’s grace, Eva is doing much better and no longer has leukemia. Even though she is leukemia-free, Eva still has to go through rehabilitation and regular check ups at the hospital. Aliyah, at best, is a difficult process for most families. For this family it was extremely hard. Yuriy, Eva’s father, had to begin work right
away, having to forgo the opportunity to take Hebrew classes. Yuriy continues to work as a night watchman at minimal wage and works for a cleaning service. As Eva’s health improved, Ksenia was able to finish her Hebrew courses and got a job. But because she had to spend so much time in the hospital with her daughter, she lost the job. Like so many families returning to Israel, they are doing everything they know to help themselves, but they still struggle to cover all their bills.
MTI continues to help this family through our Embrace Sponsorship Program, which means they receive love, prayer, and finances each
month from our JSC team who cares for them. As you read this, please stop and pray for Eva, that she will continue to get healthier each day and that this small Jewish family will flourish in their new land. If you would like to sponsor a family through our Embrace Sponsorship Program, please contact us.