Alexey, who arrived in Israel four years ago, lives in Netanya with his mother in a rented apartment. Alexey has cerebral palsy, and although he has difficulty walking and moving his body, he has not let that stop him from living an active life. With his physical limitations, the only way Alexey can get out of his home is with an electric mobility scooter. Recently, his scooter battery became very weak. Even if Alexey charged it all day long, it was barely enough for him to travel for a short distance. With no guarantee that he could get back home if he simply went down the street, it became too risky for him to drive the scooter. With only his disability allowance income, it was going to be a long time before he could save to purchase a new battery.


Our staff at the Jerusalem Support Center heard about Alexley and his situation and wanted to help. We purchased two brand new batteries for his special scooter that should last for several years. Alexey is once again enjoying being out of the house and back to his activities.