Over the past few years, several hundred new immigrant families in Haifa have been helped by MTI as they start their lives in Israel. These families are in contact with our volunteers from this city and get regular support at our distribution center in Haifa. This support was evident recently during Passover. Passover is a time of celebrating with family and friends, but most of these new immigrant families do not have any relatives in Israel. With that in mind, we invited them to celebrate Passover with us.

Our volunteers prepared a special program featuring a concert and short explanation about this feast. During the evening, children from these families had their own celebration program that even included a clown. Additionally, the children were given presents.

At the end of this special time, each family was presented food vouchers so they could buy something for themselves for their Passover dinner. About 150 people came to the event, and we hope to have more activities like this. The feedback from the families has been very positive.