Grateful Young Families

Tags: , | Olga and Alexey Olga, Alexey, and their young family live on the Golan Heights. While Olga was pregnant with their second child, doctors believed that the baby would be born with very serious health problems. They were so certain that they tried to convince her to have an abortion. She chose to carry


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The Gaza conflict began July 8 when Hamas launched rockets into dozens of Israeli cities. Since then, there have been 12 cease-fire agreements, 11 of them broken by Hamas and Islamic Jihad; terrorist organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The twelfth cease-fire started on August 26, some 50 days later.

Aid for IDF soldiers in Gaza

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I returned to Jerusalem late evening from the Gaza border. We took a lot of items from the Jerusalem Support Center to Israeli soldiers at the border and purchased many boxes of goodies in Ashkelon and Sderot to boost the morale of these young warriors who had been in the field many days in sweltering heat reaching into the mid 90s.