I feel it’s imperative to add something to the previous entry regarding the power of prayer and the ability of believers to change the course of what seems to be inevitable.

It is historically true that millions of people living in the FSU have suffered at the hands of tyrannical leaders. It is also true there are certain long-time spiritual forces at work that, if not abated by the hand of the Lord, will certainly bring on more disaster and darkness.

That said, in the past two decades the number of believers across that region has increased by the millions. Consequently, these new believers have set about to pray for their particular nation.
In times past, in many instances, when believers have prayed the Lord has intervened in miraculous ways, Hezekiah’s prayer regarding the Assyrian invader Sennacherib comes to mind. The possibility of Divine intervention still exists in modern times, even in the most dire of circumstances.


The Lord said, if MY PEOPLE, who are called by His name, will humble themselves and pray… He will hear from heaven and heal their land!

It has come to my attention that Alexander Turchinov, elected speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, has asked believers across Ukraine to fast a day for the nation! Who has heard of such a thing in modern times? Also, in the midst of the protests at Miadan square in Kiev, thousands are gathering there to pray for their nation to have peace.


Again, I ask, please join us in praying for Ukraine, for the safety of our Christian workers and for the Jewish people who are now in the process of making their way to Israel.