Just another one of God’s ways to protect His Chosen People

You are hearing that name often in these reports and other sources. Some probably wonder what it is. The Iron Dome came into existence in March 2011 after extensive development since 2006. Because of the overwhelming numbers of rockets being fired into Israel (over 12,000 since 2006) by Islamic terrorist organizations. Today the Iron Dome seres as a major part of the first line of defense against short range missiles.

Presently there are seven batteries placed around Israel. Each contains 20 interceptors, 10 foot long projectiles called Tamir. They are equipped with electro optic sensors and steering fins for maneuverability to intercept rockets. Each Tamir carries a 24 lb. explosive, and as a range of 2.5 to 43 miles and boasts a 90% success rate. There are 3 components: a detection radar, weapons control software and the missile firing unit maned by trained IDF soldiers (Usually 19 to 23 years of age).

Honestly, in my estimation, this is a modern day miracle and fits into the promises of God’s protection over His people Israel… the weapons of the enemy are simply not prospering against such technology.
the Israelis came up with it ….
but the knowledge and wisdom to build it are from the God of Israel!