Interview with refugee from Ukraine who got help from MTI

Practical Assistance Team in Givat Zeev School

MTI’s Practical Assistance Team Blesses IDF Elite Unit

Desperate Situation for Jews in Ukraine

This is the latest report from our Fishermen in Eastern Ukraine. There are cities under siege, home to many Jewish families who are very anxious and hoping to leave. The Russian backed insurgents have surrounded cities. They are setting up road blocks, stopping traffic in and out. Everyone traveling through these blockades is subject to robbery, harassment, rape and even murder. No one really knows what they will face when they leave their homes seeking safer areas.


The Gaza conflict began July 8 when Hamas launched rockets into dozens of Israeli cities. Since then, there have been 12 cease-fire agreements, 11 of them broken by Hamas and Islamic Jihad; terrorist organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The twelfth cease-fire started on August 26, some 50 days later.

Interview with Lone Soldier from Elite Unit of IDF

An interview with one of our Lone Soldiers sharing the difficulties they face in the Israeli Defense Force and how important the additional support is to Lone Soldiers.

Interview with Alla, refugee from Ukraine

Back to School Project

An example of MTI efforts to help poorer Israeli families with back-to-school costs.

A Line Is Drawn. Where Do You Stand?

There’s something very spiritual going on in our world. In recent times nations, denominations and even individuals are being challenged to make a decision regarding Israel’s place as God’s chosen people. Shockingly, some prominent long-time supporters of Israel in the Evangelical ranks have now reversed their pro-Israel position?

Tunnels – The Greatest Threat Of All

The major thrust of the IDF, at this point, is the destruction of the terrorist tunnel system Hamas is using to infiltrate into Israel territory from Gaza. According to a recent Satellite image from the US, there are 60 of these tunnels. Israel has taken 36 so far, destroying 16 with more scheduled. IDF soldiers are going building to building in Gaza searching for entrances and have found many in private homes, mosques, schools and so on.

Hamas is to Blame!

I’ve been in the US now for 6 days, I’ve watched the constant media presentations blaming Israel for just about everything happening in Gaza, including the death and destruction taking place there. There are pictures flooding the world of dead children and screaming parents followed by a finger pointing at Israel as the offender, the uncaring demonized infiltrator. Anyone watching is incensed by what they see and rightfully angered at the suffering of the innocent. But it must be reiterated again and again HAMAS IS TO BLAME not Israel!

Gaza conflict not the cause of Europe’s anti-semitism, it just reveals it

In the past few days there have been numerous riots and protests across Europe. The hatred for Israel and Jews in general, spewing out in Berlin, Paris and other communities across Europe is alarming.