I’ve been in the US now for 6 days, I’ve watched the constant media presentations blaming Israel for just about everything happening in Gaza, including the death and destruction taking place there. There are pictures flooding the world of dead children and screaming parents followed by a finger pointing at Israel as the offender, the uncaring demonized infiltrator. Anyone watching is incensed by what they see and rightfully angered at the suffering of the innocent. But it must be reiterated again and again HAMAS IS TO BLAME not Israel!

Israel NEVER intended to send ground forces into Gaza. Hamas, a terrorist organization, building its force of destruction and death for years, has longed to enter this conflict in order to destroy every Jew possible. Hamas is a death machine controlling Gaza with a ruthless, iron fist. They have a propaganda machine that systematically blames Israel for what they themselves are guilty of. Their hope is to stir up the Muslim nations and their sympathizers to come against Israel together, driving that small Jewish nation into the sea.

On the 23rd day of Operation Protective Edge the IDF continues with it mission to destroy terror tunnels. Six tunnels were found and destroyed. One tragic event occurred when three soldiers were assisting