Rockets in Tel Aviv area

Forty rockets from Gaza were fired at Israel by early afternoon Wednesday, with Iron Dome intercepting eight. Sirens were heard throughout southern Israel and in the center of the country, including in Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Modiin and Raanana.

Interview with a Jewish refugee from Ukraine

Interview with a Jewish refugee from Ukraine, who's family got assistance from MTI.

P.A.T. at Rabin School, Givat Zeev | March 2014

Last week of March 2014 MTI’s Practical Assistance Team worked in a school just north of Jerusalem. As you can see, these Christians impacted the lives of these community in a wonderful way.

More on Ukrainian Struggles

It is historically true that millions of people living in the FSU have suffered at the hands of tyrannical leaders. It is also true there are certain long-time spiritual forces at work that, if not abated by the hand of the Lord, will certainly bring on more disaster and darkness.

Ukrainian Dilemma Heightening the Truth: Spirits don’t Die

Presently the news media is filled with the takeover of Vladimir Putin and the Russian army of the Crimea, a large peninsula belonging to the Ukraine jutting into the Black Sea.

Bakonin Family

We are very happy that our family can finally buy food and necessary things for our monthly life. We thank our sponsor and JSC for the opportunity to buy all this...