Meeting up with Holocaust survivors in Rishon Lezion

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, volunteers gathered with Holocaust survivors in Rishon Lezion, celebrating their jubilee and distributing gifts. They prayed for peace and wished safety for Israel's IDF soldiers.

Providing support for a single mother in need

After her husband's tragic passing, Lera struggled to take care of her three children all by herself in the current situation in Israel. MTI helped Lera and provided the family with much-needed support.

Helping Israeli families in Bulgaria

Because of the war, a lot of Israeli families got stuck in Europe without being able to come back. MTI helped them secure their safety and assisted them as much as possible until their return to Israel.

Evgenia Gedzinskaya’s Story

Evgenia Gedzinskaya, a former ghetto prisoner from Bershad, Ukraine, shared her story of surviving the Holocaust with our volunteers that visited her.

Helping a family that evacuated from Ashkelon

Daria, a single mother of three, that firstly evacuated from Ukraine and then evacuated from Ashkelon because of the wars that are going on. Due to facing financial difficulties, she was granted rent relief by MTI.

Help to Olim from Venezuela

MTI provided financial assistance to families of Spanish-speaking Jewish immigrants returning to Israel for Rosh Hashanah. The Auroa family, a crisis-stricken Venezuelan family, needed help with food, housing, and special needs.

David Nudelis’s story

MTI volunteers assist Holocaust survivors such as David Nudelis, who escaped the "Death Loop" camp.

Feeding families in need

In order to help struggling families, MTI provided them with full groceries and some sweets to lift up their spirits.

Ukraine War Victims

Elena’s son, who joined the Ukrainian army at the beginning of the war, got shot in his leg while being on duty.

Passover: Remember and Celebrate

Passover is a time of celebrating with family and friends, but most of these new immigrant families do not have any relatives in Israel.

Walkers for Holocaust Survivors

Through the years, it has been our desire and honor to find ways to make the lives of those who literally lived in concentration camps more comfortable and happy.

Warming the hearts of new immigrants

Israeli winters can be very cold. Most homes are made of stone, mortar and steel and are difficult to heat. Apartments have little or no heat, which means it can get bitterly cold at home. A large number of Jewish immigrants coming to Israel simply cannot afford heaters or warm blankets as they begin

Afula Support Center

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Recently Ministry to Israel opened it’s third support center in Israel, located in the city of Afula in the Jezreel Valley. The Afula Support Center (ASC) is different from other places in the city, because we give clothes and aid totallyfree. It is a difference that matters to those who are in great need

Alexey’s scooter

Alexey, who arrived in Israel four years ago, lives in Netanya with his mother in a rented apartment. Alexey has cerebral palsy, and although he has difficulty walking and moving his body, he has not let that stop him from living an active life. With his physical limitations, the only way Alexey can get

Families express their thankfulness

Everyday across Israel, Jewish families are being assisted by our teams. The needs are as varied as the people and the situations equally as unique.

A Time-Honored Royal Celebration

Queens, kings, villians and dramatic plot twists, a tale almost as old as time. The book of Esther, however, is not just a tale but an historical account of events that keeps the first time reader on the edge of their seat. The twisted plot of evil Haman to annihilate the Jewish people becomes unraveled as

MTI Back to School 2017 project

Like every year, in 2017 MTI helped needy families to send their kids to school. This year we helped about 200 kids by buying them necessary equipment, bags, books and shoes for school. Short video with their happy faces.

Sofia’s New Chair

Olga was only 26 weeks pregnant when complications sent her into premature labor. Unable to stop the process, a very tiny girl was born. The doctors gave Maxim and Olga the news that their newborn had hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. The diagnosis was accompanied by a prognosis that said there was no hope of her

An Answer to Prayer

I came with my son to Israel. We are alone in the country, but we received the allowance from the government. I am studying in the Hebrew classes. The Ministry of Absorption assured us that after six months they will pay us another allowance so I can finish my Hebrew studies. I am working in the

Relief in a Difficult Season

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Irina’s husband passed away after a long battle with cancer, and she now is alone in Israel without any relatives. Additionally, Irina was very afraid of the coming summer months because of the extreme heat. With her health problems, she had a difficult time, especially during the night. During the day, it wasn’t so

Container Number 4!

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I can’t help but marvel at the amazing things the Lord does through our MTI family! Almost without warning, the door to bring containers of aid into Israel opened suddenly before us. We quickly stepped through citing one request to the distributors, “give us the best aid you have,” which they have graciously

Desperate Situation for Jews in Ukraine

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This is the latest report from our Fishermen in Eastern Ukraine. There are cities under siege, home to many Jewish families who are very anxious and hoping to leave. The Russian backed insurgents have surrounded cities. They are setting up road blocks, stopping traffic in and out. Everyone traveling through these blockades is subject to robbery, harassment, rape and even murder. No one really knows what they will face when they leave their homes seeking safer areas.


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The Gaza conflict began July 8 when Hamas launched rockets into dozens of Israeli cities. Since then, there have been 12 cease-fire agreements, 11 of them broken by Hamas and Islamic Jihad; terrorist organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The twelfth cease-fire started on August 26, some 50 days later.

A Line Is Drawn. Where Do You Stand?

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There’s something very spiritual going on in our world. In recent times nations, denominations and even individuals are being challenged to make a decision regarding Israel’s place as God’s chosen people. Shockingly, some prominent long-time supporters of Israel in the Evangelical ranks have now reversed their pro-Israel position?

Tunnels – The Greatest Threat Of All

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The major thrust of the IDF, at this point, is the destruction of the terrorist tunnel system Hamas is using to infiltrate into Israel territory from Gaza. According to a recent Satellite image from the US, there are 60 of these tunnels. Israel has taken 36 so far, destroying 16 with more scheduled. IDF soldiers are going building to building in Gaza searching for entrances and have found many in private homes, mosques, schools and so on.

Hamas is to Blame!

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I’ve been in the US now for 6 days, I’ve watched the constant media presentations blaming Israel for just about everything happening in Gaza, including the death and destruction taking place there. There are pictures flooding the world of dead children and screaming parents followed by a finger pointing at Israel as the offender, the uncaring demonized infiltrator. Anyone watching is incensed by what they see and rightfully angered at the suffering of the innocent. But it must be reiterated again and again HAMAS IS TO BLAME not Israel!

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